Monday, 25 January 2010

Albion - Druids & Droids Mix

Last June, Albion came over from Sweden and played for us at our last Dream Machine party. He played some great music as you'd expect if you've been keeping up with his mixes over the years on CBS and now Intergalactic FM. Unfortunately it was probably our lowest attended party ever, but there you go.

Anyway, he's been kind enough to provide us with an exclusive mix, and it's a beauty. It's as if techno was invented in 1976 somewhere near Stonehenge, rather than in 80s Detroit like they'd all have us believe

Albion - Druids & Droids

Watch out for a compilation album he's got coming out soon. It's bound to have some gems on it.


  1. brilliant music, thanks for sharing it :)
    Recently made a Druid Video that you might like..
    check out the HD version

  2. Did the track list ever surface for the Albion mix 'Druids & Droids'? I think the Space Time Continuum EP he did on the AR label was one of the best 12 inches of the last couple of years and I like the fact he follows the 'less is more' approach to releasing this age of hyper-production I like his style...

    ....if I had known he was playing in London I would have definitely attended as I am just up the road in Nottingham.....I used to put on parties and clubs throughout the early nineties and some of our most poorly attended nights were with DJs that I personally thought were freakin' geniuses, it always made me scratch my head as well!

  3. hi. albion never did a tracklist for the mix. if you had some particulary IDs I can forward them on though.

    i think it is sometimes difficult to reach your target audience for these kind of djs. sometimes you get lucky and sometimes no one hears about it at all or it's not good timing.

  4. Hi Jonny, I really love this mix and I was wondering if you could reveal the track at the 20 minute mark, "O Jerusalem." Great cosmic disco jams.